Traditional Arts of Upstate New York

Grant Name:  TAUNY-North Country Heritage Awards

Project Size: $34,000

Grant Amount: $5,000

Strategic Value:  Economic Development, historic preservation

Traditional Arts of Upstate New York (TAUNY) is dedicated to showcasing the folk culture and living traditions of the North Country.  TAUNY collects, preserves, interprets and presents the customs and traditions of the North Country (14 counties). With archives, exhibits, and programs in Canton and throughout the region, TAUNY celebrates the diversity of living traditions inherited from the past, maintained in the present, and passed on to the future.

By celebrating the North Country’s distinct identity, TAUNY encourages an understanding and appreciation of life in the region for residents, as well as visitors. This understanding contributes to enhanced regional pride, increased economic vitality, affirmation of values and traditions, and encouragement of the stewardship of these customs and traditions for posterity.

Grant Analysis:

In 2016, funding from Cloudsplitter Foundation was used to support the second year of TAUNY’s expanded North Country Heritage Awards.  After nominating and selecting the 2016 recipients, they were interviewed and photographed. A 20-minute video about the recipients for use at the annual awards program was produced, and case exhibits related to recipients were developed. At the annual Salute to North Country Heritage, the awards were presented to the recipients, followed by a public reception.

 Since 1993, TAUNY has recognized people and places throughout the North Country that contribute to conservation of the region’s cultural resources, through maintenance and sharing of local skills and knowledge and commitment to community life.  What began as a simple program to identify, document and honor cultural stewards has in the past two years expanded into a year-round educational program featuring past and current recipients of the Award.