Santa Cruz Children's Museum of Discovery

Project Size: 350,000 operating budget in 2017

Grant Allocation: $25,000 in 2014 and $25,000 in 2015

Strategic Value: Improves life on the planet by providing opportunities for children who would not receive such enrichment.  SCCMOD closes an existing gap between those of disadvantaged financial/social backgrounds and those with advantages. 

Grant Analysis:  Clear Success

 SCCMOD has continued to grow and flourish since its opening.  They had over 51,000 people visit the museum in 2016, and gave away 313 scholarships.

 The operating budget is 350,000 for 2017. 

Without the grants from Cloudsplitter, this project would not have gotten off the floor.  It has grown, improved and shows great promise of providing for the community of Santa Cruz for many, many years to come.    The enrichment this program offers includes:

Local support has taken over where Cloudsplitter began, increasing the probability of sustainability into the future.   They have received grants from many sources, but the most notable is the Lucille B. Packard Foundation.  This grant for 35K for the dedicated toddler area puts MOD in good stead with a potential continued and dedicated funding source.