NYSEF-New York Ski Educational Foundation


Project Size: $109,000

Grant Amount: $20,000

Strategic Value:

In the late 60’s, ski areas began to scatter across New York State, increasing youngsters’ enthusiasm about snow sports and skiing fast. Top skiers were quickly faced with an ultimatum due to costs-leaving the sport or leaving the area (New York State) and competing elsewhere.

In order to keep the young athletes and their families in the area, and to support would-be competitors, NYSEF created an educational program.   NYSEF provides financial support and educational opportunities for children and young adults pursuing a competitive path in snow sports.  They serve over 400 young athletes competing at the national and international level.  To give an idea of the quality and success of the program, NYSEF sent 11 athletes to the Olympic games in 2014.

The Dare to Dream Enhancement Initiative (The Initiative) is a scholarship program. The Initiative was created to help youth around the Adirondacks and their families to participate in one of the many disciplines offered. The Initiative provides scholarships to local families that are unable to support their child who is eager to participate in one or more of the various disciplines. The scholarships will support funding a snow sport program and the equipment associated with the snow sport. NYSEF programs, training opportunities and equipment are made possible through enrollment fees, sponsorships, and the generous support of donors and volunteers.  Program fees range for $250 to $6,000.


 Grant Analysis: 

$20,000 was granted to NYSEF for their scholarship program in October of 2017.  Thanks to the Cloudsplitter grant, NYSEF supported 35 youth athletes in the amount of $62,550 through scholarship so far this season (2017).  They exceeded their scholarship from last season and are on track to double scholarship this winter.   NYSEF athletes compete nationally and are invited across the world for various competitions and/or camps based on their success.  Scholarships will be given throughout the season to athletes (and their families) needing assistance.