North Country Community College

Grant Name:  North Country Community College Pool Lift Installation Project

Project Size: $9,637

Grant Amount: $2,000

Strategic Value:  Community Support

North Country Community College was required to install a pool lift to make the pool accessible to individuals with disabilities and to become compliant with ADA regulations. The NCCC pool is a community resource used by area residents of all ages. The pool is used by thousands of individuals for recreational swimming, swim lessons, lifeguarding courses, water aerobics, as well as the Wilderness Recreation Leadership program.

This project suits Cloudsplitter’s mission of improving the lives of individuals living in the Park as the pool lift makes life easier, healthier and more rewarding for those that live here.


Grant Analysis:

Due to the support of Cloudsplitter and other donors, the pool lift has been installed and is operational. In addition to becoming ADA compliant, those with mobility issues or disabilities are now able to enjoy the pool.