Cloudsplitter foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can local charities with recurring annual needs apply for recurring support?
A: Yes, send the Foundation a letter demonstrating your need for support, listing  benefits for the  community, the economy, or the environment, and stating how our financial support will improve the quality of life for current and/or future users and residents of the Park, If under $1,000 a formal grant application is not needed.

Q: How long does it take to get a grant request processed?
A:Our decisions are made quarterly, so the maximum wait should be under three months.

Q: Is the grant request form and attachments all that you will require?
A: For major grants we may request additional information and/or a face to face meeting to understand the project better.

Q:  A condition of my grant is reporting quarterly. Do you have a digital version of your report form?
A: Here is a link to our grant status form. You can fill it out and email your update to