Adirondack Land Trust


Project Size: $1 million per annum

Grant Amount: $100,000 (2015-2018) 

Strategic Value:  ALT protects important properties by accepting land gifts, creating easements, and performing stewardship tasks.  ALT will acquire property to protect it, apply a conservation easement, and re-sell it to a conservation buyer.  It will buy property of unique value, like the recent Glenview Farm acquisition that is protecting one of the most magnificent viewsheds in the Adirondacks - sweeping views of Whiteface Mountain, the McKenzie Range and High Peaks Wilderness.

Grant Analysis:  As the Land Trust establishes its independence from the Adirondack Nature conservancy it is doing more deals like Glenview Farm and protecting more wild lands and farms.  This is a high priority area for the Cloudsplitter Foundation