Adirondack Experience

The Adirondack Experience formally known as the Adirondack Museum has operated for 60 years on more than 100 acres in Blue Mountain Lake. It’s mission is to expand public understanding of Adirondack history and the relationship between people and the Adirondack wilderness that will foster informed choices by the public for the future of the Park. It strives to be the preeminent cultural resource for Adirondack residents and visitors, seeks to enhance a sense of regional identity and to disseminate the lessons of the Adirondack model beyond the boundaries of the Park. It does this with public programs and services including permanent and changing exhibitions, educational programming for local school children and lectures for children and adults, meetings and conferences and a research library. It collects, preserves, and interprets historical and cultural artifacts documenting the interaction of the people and the land over time that shaped the nature of work, recreation, community, home life and the creative imagination of its residents.

Grant Analysis

The museum prepared a strategic plan in 2013 to better tell the story of the Adirondacks. The plan called for the redesign of 19,000 square feet of space in the Roads and Rails building rather than construct a new building. A $9,400,000 Capital Campaign was launched to achieve the goal. Cloudsplitter contributed $1,000,000. All museum Trustees and more than 400 individuals, foundations and and the State of New York have contributed to the campaign to have “Life in the Adirondacks" successfully open to the public in July of 2017. The original goal has been met but because of discovering asbestos in the building, additional funds needed to be raised to remove the asbestos. The additional funds will be also be used to enhance a hiking trail to museum property on Minnow Pond and build a boathouse with a livery so visitors can use Adirondack craft to fully enjoy an Adirondack experience.