Adirondack Center For Writing


Grant Name:  Adirondack Center for Writing High School Writing Retreat

Project Size: $11,150

Grant Amount: $2,500

Strategic Value: Producing future citizens

Over the past seventeen years the Adirondack Center for Writing (ACW) has presented literary programs of the highest quality and brought them to communities, large and small, throughout the Adirondack region.  They are a support network for writers, a cultural enhancement tool for communities throughout the Park, and an educational organization devoted to giving voice to regional writers from elementary school age to residents in their retirement years.

Cloudsplitter supports an annual High School Writing Retreat that brings together a group of aspiring young writers with renown poets to study the craft. This worthwhile program not only gives students writing skills, but validates their interest, develops a sense of community, instills confidence, breaks down barriers, and helps with feelings of alienation.

Grant Analysis:  Initial-year success

In October 2016, one hundred and ten students from all over the Adirondacks filled the Pine Room on the Paul Smith's College campus. The workshop leaders each performed their own work to kick off the event, and then led smaller groups of students in writing workshops. At the end of the day, workshop leaders welcomed students to the stage to perform their own writing from the day. A huge energy among students and teachers was created from the workshops and performances. Previously shy and anxious students shed their worries and performed for a supportive audience of peers and mentors. The young writers left feeling inspired and injected with confidence.